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As a YB parent or caregiver, you can sign up to have money sent to YB for free through the following programs. Signing up is easy, and merchants donate percentages of your purchases to our school. Those dollars go directly back to supplies, programs, and staff who help enrich your students' educational experience! Win-win!

Vendor How To Particpate Percentage to YB

Download the app and pay through Benefit at MANY retailers! Earn $1,000 for YB in a year just through daily spending.

Up to 9%

Shop through our link! Or click this banner:

When you click the banner, a percentage will automatically go to YB. You don't have to do anything else! Send this link to everyone you know who shops at Amazon! (This is NOT Amazon Smile, but we can receive donations that way too, just not as much $$.)


Sign up and add your VONS or Pavilions or credit cards, or dine at participating restaurants. Click this banner!


Up to 5%

YB earns money every time you shop at Ralph's with your rewards card! Click the logo to enroll or renew:


Up to 4%
Box Tops

These pink squares can be found on everything from cereal boxes to office supply packaging, and they are worth 10 cents each, so when you see one, clip it!

box tops






 Each classroom has a collection box for Box Tops. A few times during the school year, volunteers collect them, trim them down to the dotted lines, bag them up in batches of 50, and hand them off to the coordinator who submits them for CASH. You can also shop through the Box Tops website for even more money for YB.

10¢ per square
Wash Bucks

WASHBUCKS and LAVAGGIO DOLLARS can be earned for every $10 you spend at the Agoura Hills Car Wash or at Lavaggio.

Wash Bucks

Don't forget to ask for them every time you or your family members or neighbors go to the car wash! Bring them to school with your Box Tops and a parent volunteer will collect them.

Conejo Deals


Sign up for Conejo Deals and designate YB as the beneficiary. YB gets $2 for everyone who signs up, plus a donation every time you buy a deal and select YB from the drop-down box!